Controlled breathing  

Exercise??? Who likes it? I haven’t done any exercise in a good 2-3 years, I’m quite thin and wanting to bulk up a little so I’ve been drinking my coffee cappuccino shake, eating between 3-5 meals a day, fruit, veg, and bottles and bottles of water. I’ve wrote my own 20minute work out I’ve been doing squats, planking, lunches, press ups, sit ups, I’m very pleased at how I have stuck to it and actually keeping at it.

I’ve been thinking now for a week or so of going for a run, I’ve been quite conscious of going on my own, you see when I run I can’t get my breathing right (suppose to be in threw your mouth and out threw your nose) I DONT GET IT!!! When I start running I NEED to just breath threw my mouth, I can’t seem to manage then I panic because I’m not breathing properly and before you know it I’m a big red sweaty mess. 

But today I faced my fear I got my running clothes on and set of, I walked down the road I live on, crossed the road and there I was, along the canal it was quiet and no one about. I started and I kept a steady pace & ran the whole way up the canal, when I got to the top I slowed down, practised my breathing, jumped the wall at the top of the canal, threw the park and out the other side by the school, still walking and trying my hardest to keep my breathing right I thought I’m nearly there, I’m nearly back home and I DONE IT, I KEPT GOING and before I knew it, I was at my house. 

I had went for my first run on my own and I done it 😊 I got there, no panic attacks, no tears, no worrying about people looking at me. I am super proud of what I achieved, I’ve been trying really really hard and today feels like it paid off a little. I am absolutely knackered but really well worth it ☺️💪🏼🏋🏼

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